Desi room

Desi room

When our bid on the house was accepted, we instantly knew that the formal dining room had to go. I had always wanted a room with very Indian look as an ode to my Indian heritage. Complete with the devara (prayer spot), diwan (Indian-style low daybed), and moda (Indian-style low seating).

While we were waiting for the closing day, I decided to make the diwan, since there would likely be so much more work to tackle after the move. First step was to find out the dimensions of the smallest mattress available. Turned out twin size mattress was the one that fit my needs. Measurements downloaded, I set off to the lumber store to purchase stud wood and posts. The staff at the lumber shop was kind enough to cut the posts to the dimensions I asked – four pieces of one foot each. My circular saw is awesome, but asking it to cut a four by four is a stretch.

Once home, I measured twice and cut the studs to match the length and width of the standard twin sized mattress. Using smaller strips as rails, I mounted the one by fours on the rails, providing a sturdy platform for the mattress. Once done, I sanded down the bed, and then oh-so-sweetly handed over the stain job to my kind husband, who did a fantastic job of it. It pained my heart to leave the bed overnight in our unsecured back patio in the rental apartment, but there really was no choice. The odors of the stain, and the off-gassing are just too much to bear, not a risk I was willing to take with the health of my family or myself. My dog did not surface from my room throughout the four days it took for the complete staining and varnishing process, making exceptions for her walks.

Day four, we carried the diwan in with much excitement. The next three days were a matter of obstacle course, for the diwan occupied a substantial amount of space in the living room, made already smaller by the things we had begun packing and readying for the upcoming move. Needless to say, moving day came as a huge relief, and the diwan looks grand in what I call, our desi room.

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