Wear Your Baby

On a quick run to the pharmacy, I ran into Kayla, my friend. Except, it took me an entire minute to recognize her. Gone was the glowing, glamorous looking stylish Kayla I’ve grown to admire over the past couple years. In her place was a pale, harrowed-looking, super tired woman. “How are you?” I asked her, with meaning. She gave me a ghost of a smile, “I’ve been better.”

For a moment, I wondered if I was being too judgy by observing her lack of sophisticated posh. The current pandemic has given us all so much to worry about, that make up and appearances are not even on our minds. We finished our shopping at the same time and headed out of the pharmacy. Tim, her husband, was waiting in the car for her, the engine idling. He looked just as exhausted as she did. That’s when it struck me, they were new parents! To top it off, they were both first-time parents. Which meant sleepless nights, tears, diapers, feeding, the works.

Kayla nodded in reply to my question about her fatigue being due to the baby. “She is fine for the most part of the day, but just doesn’t want to be away from me. The moment I step into the kitchen, or even outside for some air, she starts bawling, and then either I, or Tim, have to drop everything and lift her.” I nodded in complete sympathy, for, like most parents, I’ve been through that phase too. Except, in Kayla’s case, the situation seemed to be worsening.

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“Have you tried baby wearing?” I asked her. She shook her head, “I just lift her in my arms.” I smiled, for once, feeling like a wise person, “you should absolutely try it! It is awesome.” I will never know if it was my excited tone, or the apparent promise of relief that got her attention, but she kept the merchandise in the car and stood staring at me with rapt attention.

“What exactly is it?” she asked, “and how is it done?” Before I could get in a word edgewise, Tim had stepped out of the car, and he too was staring at me with curiosity. “Where can I get it?” man of few words, he came straight to the point. “I used the sling carrier from Amazon,” I replied. He nodded, “I might be able to go for a jog with the baby.” Aghast, I shook my head, “then you would do better to use to the Pivot Modular all-in-one travel system. It has a stroller, carrier, the works.”

Just then, the baby started to fidget, and Kayla automatically reached in and unbuckling her, began to bounce her on her hip. “She must be tired,” Kayla sighed, “I wish I knew a good way to soothe her.”

Luck was on my side, and I suddenly heard a familiar voice some distance away. “Tanvi!” I called out to my friend, “care to join us for a second, please?” Handing her cute little daughter to her husband, Tanvi sauntered towards us. “Kayla, Tim, Tanvi,” I introduced them, appearing calm, but doing a mental bhangra (heavy cardio Indian dance form) on the inside. “Kayla, the parenting expert is right here. She’ll be able to tell you more about it.” Seeing Tanvi’s smile and wink, I knew she’d understood my game. Now that I had the expert on my team, I could just sit back and let her work her magic.

Super cool me, I excused myself with a nod and went over to play with Kayla and Tim’s gorgeous doll who was happily gurgling in the infant seat of the car. Bits and pieces of the conversation between my friends reached my ears, and I heard words like bottles, cribs, naps, teething and so on. I felt a sense of pride when I heard Tanvi share some easy parenting tips to help soothe the baby, as well as how Kayla could sneak a few minutes of me-time. So much wisdom was occuring right beside me!

By the time the conversation got over, Kayla was looking her usual relaxed, composed self, and Tim was actually smiling. Tanvi nodded at me and walked back to her own princess and hubby. After that, I logged in to my account and started following her on instragram, completely amazed by the new age parenting tips she has given on her profile. From soothing, to teething, to diapers, to letting the child explore, to spending time with oneself, there is a treasure of information on her instagram.

New parents, toddler parents, or even those thinking about babies can benefit a lot from reading her posts. You can follow Tanvi on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/newmomsaga/. Please do like my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/shortstoriesbyshweta/ and subscribe to my blog.

Disclaimer: This post containes affiliate links and I stand to earn a commission if you chooose to buy somethig. Happy reading, happy shopping!

By Positive Wordsmith

Reading is my escape from the real world, and writing is my meditation. I hope you enjoy these short stories as much I enjoy writing them. Children's stories, science fiction, and adventure are my favorite genres.

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