Witches of Tory Island

Wisdom in Winter

Kate dreamed of a beautiful lady standing on the cliff of the hill next to the lane she lived in. With her arms spread out wide, the lady shot a beautiful arc of fire from her fingertips.

The arc mixed with the lightning in the fiery sky and the whole world erupted in a display of sparkles. As Kate turned her eyes back to the dream-lady, she was stunned to see that the lady was looking right at her.

Unable to move, Kate stood rooted to the spot as the dream-lady floated towards her. As she drew near, Kate could her features clearly.

The lady had an ethereal beauty, though her eyes looked familiar. As her translucent being came to a stop directly in front of Kate, the lady held out her hand and almost out of her own volition, Kate raised her hand and placed in the hand of the lady.

“It is almost time my child. He is coming. Stay alert,” she warned. “But who are you? And how are we talking in a dream?” asked Kate.

The lady simply smiled at her and said, “We will meet soon enough. For the moment, suffice it to know that I am your guardian angel. I have temporarily delayed the evil, but my spells won’t last too long. He is getting stronger and fiercer.

Starting to fade, the dream-lady added, “I have sent you help. And here, keep this charm with you always. String it in your chain and never take it off, not even when you are in the shower,” and shimmered out of focus.

“Wait!! I have no clue what you are talking about!!” shouted a bewildered Kate.

A bird chirped just outside her window and Kate woke up with a start. She recalled the dream vividly and shaking her head at her own silliness, went into the bathroom to get ready for the day.

As she looked into the mirror, she saw a beautiful pendant on the chain around her neck. It had not been there last night when she went to bed.

Wisdom in Winter
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