Proposing a fashionista

Proposing a fashionista

“Oh!! I absolutely dislike summertime!” she storms in. “Well! That’s what you say for every season when it is in season!” he retorts. Oops! You have pulled the plug on your safety buddy! She whirls around and shoves a finger into his chest… “How dare you! Huh? How dare you say that? I love springtime, and I love autumn.” He raises an eyebrow and looks smug. “What? No! Don’t shake your head. Say it!” she is now fuming. “Baby, you like springtime for you can finally pull out your colourful clothes and shine in all your glory.” Of course I love springtime for the short hemlines and deep necklines… he thinks, but is smart enough not to say so. “Well yes, why should I hide my beauty behind dull drabs?” asks looking into the mirror. Is that a zit I see coming up on my nose? She wonders. “But I seem to remember that last season; you disliked spring as the weather was finally pleasant enough for you to shake out of your heavy winter wear, but the stares you got made you uncomfortable.” he mutters. “You remember too much,” she retorts without looking away from her reflection in the mirror.

She’s now worried about the zit. “My school reunion is this weekend. I don’t want to go there looking like a pimply gal,” she cries. He rolls his eyes. “I saw that! You don’t know how we girls look at each other. Any excuse to pull down another girl, we use it,” she’s nearly in tears. “Yes! I know feminine penchant for gossip and bitching. I grew up in home full of females –my grandmother, mother, aunt, sister and female cousins. We men-folk were always in minority at home,” he reminisces. “Yes yes! I know all about your minority. How much you had to bear at hands of the women at home- how much they all pampered you boys, how they all always made your favorite dishes, shared their toys with you and so on,” she quips. “Puhleeez! They made our favorite dishes just to ensure that we would be willing guinea pigs for their culinary experiments. As for the toys they shared, what boy in his right mind would enjoy playing with dolls? And when we did play, the girls would get angry with us for breaking their oh-so-precious dolls!” he replies.

“Ok, now back to my problem. What do I do about this giant zit on my nose?” she worries. “It is only Monday yet. The zit will be gone in a couple of days,” he shrugs. “But why are you so worried about a measly pimple? You aren’t worried about my disliking it. How do opinions of your classmates who haven’t seen you in a decade matter to you? Or is there something I should know?” he wiggles his eyebrows. “Oh please! I told you already, I don’t want to be a laughing stock when I attend the event. I want to look my glamorous best when I walk in to the venue. I have told them all that I am a successful career woman. So I have to look my perfect best – porcelain skin, a to-die-for figure, shiny hair, well chosen ensemble, a dash of Chanel and a pair of my favorite Blahniks, teamed with my stylish Prada bag! Moreover, I need to time my entrance perfectly – I should be fashionably late without seeming tardy! I have been working out ever since I received an invite for the reunion. I am fit and look good,” she preens.

She turns from the mirror to see his shoulders shaking in a failed attempt to control his laughter. He can hold it in no longer and he laughs till tears begin to flow from his eyes. With hands poised on her waist, she pierces his laughter with an angry stare. Recognizing the famous ‘angry woman stare’ for what it is, he immediately stops laughing. He wipes his eyes surreptitiously and looks at her. “May I know what is so funny?” she demands in a dangerously controlled voice. “No no, it is nothing, I just…” he stammers. “You just what?” her volcano is about to erupt. Think quickly if you want to save yourself. Redeem!! “Your talk of the reunion reminded me of mine. A group of school-time bullies had decided to pick on their favorite victim – a guy who had been extremely skinny back in school days. But to their shock and everyone’s amusement, the guy they had known as a nerd back then, was now known as ‘the rock’ in social circles. He is now a body builder and a very famous entertainer!” he says. Whew! Good save. Or is it? “So what does that have to do with my school reunion? Are you saying that I am a bully? Or do you think I am the nerd?” she advances. Uh-oh! You are treading on dangerous ground here my friend. “No no! I am calling you neither. Like I said, your mentioning the reunion reminded me of a funny incident from ours, it had been the highlight of the evening!” he says in surrender. “Hmm. I’ll have you know that I was always an intelligent and good looking student,” she says going back to scrutinizing her beauty in the mirror.

She walks into the bathroom to retrieve her pair of tweezers to shape her brows. “But you know what? I think all this hoopla surrounding the reunion is a bit overrated. We don’t really need such a ball for it, do we? They could have simply arranged a no-fuss event. We could have met each other in our casual attire!” she says while examining her work with her eyebrows. She pulls out her compact mirror for closer inspection. “You look gorgeous in everything baby!” he calls out from his seat in the living room. “Are you trying to point towards the expensive gown I purchased for the reunion?” she peeks out from the bathroom. “Oh no!! Never! As I said, you look gorgeous in everything you wear. So why not present yourself in your best?” he replies quickly. After all, what man in his right mind would tell a woman she’s spent too much on a dress? He doesn’t want to suffer instant death and/or damnation, does he? “Honey, are you sure the pale blue dress will bring out my color? Should I go exchange it for a bolder color? Is it long enough to look elegant? I want to look classy, not dress like a nun,” she ponders as she comes back out into the living room. She’s wearing the pale blue dress she’s bought for the gala and is now posing in front of him. His jaw hits the floor and he gets up. “I think you are right, the dress is definitely a little pale. It needs something to spruce it up,” he walks toward her. “I thought so. I’ll drop in to the shop tomorrow and look for something different,” she decides. “But what if you don’t like what you see?” he asks, still walking toward her. “Why didn’t I think of it?” her faces falls. “I was so excited about finding the perfect shade of blue that you like so much, that I didn’t give much thought how it would look on me,” she continues. He has reached her by now and he takes her hand in his. He kneels down and slides a beautiful ring on her finger. “Now the dress doesn’t look pale at all,” he smiles at her. She is shocked. On her finger sits a giant blue diamond. “Is this what I think it is?” she asks shyly.

“Don’t think, feel it. Will you marry me?” he proposes. She curtsies in delight and finally giving up her ladylike stance, runs into his waiting arms and squeals, “YES YES YES!”

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