About me

Writer, Wood Worker, Wanderer

I did my Masters in Management Studies in Marketing Major from the University of Mumbai, and soon landed a job as a research analyst in a KPO. After working there for a little over a year, in early 2008, I was thrilled to get a job in pre-sales in Capgemini, a company I had always loved, mainly because of its French roots (I love everything that is related to France, and Capgemini is headquartered there!) Over five years of pre-sales in this wonderful organization, of which some time was spent in Sweden, and I had amassed a world of experience, knowledge, and of course, some amazing memories and wisdom. Around that time, I decided to quit so I could focus on my family and my newborn child.

About a year later, in 2013, we moved to Japan, where I was in a unique position to teach business english to some high ranking officials. Needless to say, it was challenging, for the officials spoke only Japanese, and barely understood any other language! Challenge was succesfully over just a few weeks before the project was fulfilled, and we came back to India.

In June 2014, I once again came face to face with another opportunity, this one being especially precious because my alma mater was looking for a French teacher. I approached them with my French certificates, which, by then, I had leveled up to B2, the fourth level in the 6-level course. A couple of trial sessions later, the school hired me. The feeling of being on the other side of the table, in the classrooms I had studied in, was humbling, and renewed my respect for my teachers, my gurus.

One day, when I was done teaching the lesson for the day, and for once, had some free time to spare, I agreed to chat with the students. It was during this conversation, this chat, that the idea of sustainability took root in my mind, which in turn gave birht to my first book, “City Cousins Visit the Village,” an effort I am extremely proud of despite the myriad editing mistakes.

In mid 2016, I had settled into life as a high school french teacher, when my husband told me about an opportunity to move to the US. The American Dream is hard to refuse, and I duly turned in my resignation and helped the school find a skilled french teacher to replace me.

In Aug 2016, we arrived in the USA, by which point my mind was already busy with my next book, “The Mystery of Mia.” Around that time, I also founded my own LLC, “Arts by Ira,” an attempt to bring beautiful artefacts from artisans from underdeveloped countries to those that would treasure it. The business did well, and I closed it when I became too crunched for time.

For now, I keep myself busy with writing short stories and wood working – a skill I never knew I had. My wood projects are posted on my instagram handle: wonderoflumber. In addition, I also volunteer in the Toy Group at the Wood Workers Guild of Alabama, wherein we make toys for the patients in several hospitals in and around Alabama, including the Children’s of Alabama.

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